Red Bull X-Fighters Swatch The Club Event, Madrid, Spain, 17 to 18-JUL-2008

On 17 and 18-JUL-2008, a Swatch The Club event took place in Madrid, Spain.  About 17 collectors participated at the event, so it was a rather small event.  Lots of time to talk, though :-) 

The reason for the Club event was the following:  The launch of the FMX ("freestyle moto cross") Swatch Special Mat Rebeaud (YOZ100) by Swatch ProTeam member Mat Rebeaud during the Red Bull X-Fighters Event in Madrid.

We met on a warm and sunny day at the Rafael Hotel Ventas conveniently located in walking distance near the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, the location of the Red Bull X-Fighters Event.

As you can see, the reception desk was rather small this time :-)

excellent fingerfood for lunch

a huge wall in the hotel shows a view of the bullring from an airplane

In the early afternoon, we walked to the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas bullring to join the launch press conference of the Mat Rebeaud Swatch special.

Shortly afterwards, we arrived at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas.  Situated in the barrio of Guindalera in the district of Salamanca, it was inaugurated on June 17, 1931. It has a seating capacity of 25,000 and is regarded as the home of bullfighting in Spain and arguably in the world.  Here is some information about the bullfights which also take place at the Las Ventas bullring.

price of the tickets depends on if you sit in the shadow (more expensive!) or in the sun (cheaper!)

an interesting statue

At a side entrance of the bullring, a special sign indicated the entrance door for the press conference:

lots of fingerfood and drinks were served...

After a few minutes, the press conference began.  Mat Rebeaud (middle) was joined by Klaus-Peter Mager (Head of PR & Events at Swatch, on the right)-

Finally, the special watchwas officially unveiled:

The watch is limited to 10000 pcs.  I think that the design is superb and the special packaging fits quite excellent to the watch.  One of the best special in recent times:

picture by Swatch

picture by Swatch

Afterwards, Mat had to do endless interviews with the press, so the Meet & Greet with the club members did not take place, unfortunately.  But every club member received a watch, signed by Mat on the outside of the packaging.

After the press conference, it was time for a city sightseeing tour with an open double decker bus:

Madrid also has a "Ritz" hotel

Palacio de Comunicaciones (Communications Palace) at the Placa de Cibeles

Palacio Real (Royal Palace)

Atocha Main Train Station

After an exhausting 90 minute trip on the bus (36 deg. Celsius!), we had dinner at a traditional spanish restaurant near the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas bullring:

a huge encyclopedia about bullfighting!  20 books about rules, techniques, biographies etc.!

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