Mathieu Mercier special launch event 2012

Centre d'art de Fribourg, Switzerland, 20-JUN-2012

Here is a small report by Christine Tanner from the Mathieu Mercier special launch event:

On 20-JUN, Swatch Marché Suisse invited Club Members for a Swatch Club Event in Fribourg, Switzerland for the launch of the Mathieu Mercier artist special The Stone Of Your Heart (SUOZ139S). As Mathieu Mercier currently shows his artwork at the Centre d'art de Fribourg, we were invited to a guided tour of the exhibition “Désillusions d'optique”. Around 30 members followed the tour and had a nice overview on the artwork of Mathieu Mercier. Afterwards, Mathieu signed his new Swatch Special The Stone Of Your Heart (SUOZ139S). At the end, Swatch offered a nice cocktail dinatoire.

Here are some pictures of the special, by Swatch:

Thank you Christine for the report and the pictures. also has a nice report with a few pictures.

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