Swatch X Damien Hirst Launch Interlaken

18-NOV-2018, Interlaken, Switzerland

On 18-NOV-2018 (Mickey's 90th birthday), the now much sought after special Gent Spot Mickey (GZ323S) was sold online for 24 hours only with many collectors (and resellers) from all around the world clicking for hours trying to secure one of the 1999 specials.

Additionally, this watch was also available in very limited numbers in several Swatch stores around the world:  Interlaken, Paris, and more.

Christine Tanner sent me the following report & photos from Interlaken:

Swatch Club Switzerland invited Swiss members to the presentation of the Mickey collection. The presentation was held in the Swatch store Interlaken.  Before 9am, we had to queue outside the store.  It was cold, but coffee and croissants have been served.

Photo: Alexandre Brunner

Alain Villard from Marché Suisse had some surprises for us: Ten Mickey Spot Maxi were organized the night before by the store manager. So, there will be luck draw for the Maxis.  At 10am, the store was letting us in to register for the right to buy a Spot Mickey (GZ323S).  30 pieces were available for sale.  A few tourists from Asia also joined the registration spontaneously while they were browsing through the Swatch store.

At 11am, 10 happy owners for the 10 Maxi Spot Mickey (MGZ323) were drawn.

All this time we had nice food and coffee and talking to friends and Sidonie and Daniel from Swatch Club. Everybody turned home happy with their Spot Mickey watches. Thanks to Swatch Club and Marché Suisse for this surprising event.

Rodolphe was in Paris and there were about six collectors queuing at the Champs-Elysées Megastore one hour before opening:

If you also have photos or videos from a Mickey "offline" event on 18-NOV, please send it to me.

Christine Tanner & Andreas Wiethoff, 21-NOV-2018

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