New Gent Collection VIP Launch Party

16-SEP-2010, Milano, Italy

pictures by Miriam Mapelli

On 16-SEP, the New Gent collection was launched in Milano, Italy during a Live Swatch Shooting and a VIP and press event. 

Swatch president Arlette-Elsa Emch was also there to present the new watches. 

The first New Gent collection consists of the following ten watches:

Black Rebel (SUOB702)   

Brown Rebel (SUOC700)   

Olive Rebel (SUOG700)   

Petrol Rebel (SUOG701)  

Warm Rebel (grey) (SUOM702)  

Blue Rebel (SUON700)   

Red Rebel (SUOR701)   

Burgundy Rebel (SUOR702)   

Purple Rebel (SUOV702)  

White Rebel (SUOW701)

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