Swatch X Paola Navone 'Treperotto' Launch Paris

20-JAN-2018, Paris, France

On 20-JAN-2018, Swatch launched a new artist special at the fashion & home store Merci in Paris.  After the success of Thammada, Italian designer Paola Navone has created a new artist special box set called Treperotto (SZS25), limited to only 333 pcs. For the start of the sale at Merci, Swatch invited the French members of Swatch Club and very few lucky Gold & Pioneer members.

So we took the early train to Paris, flying at zero meters above the ground.

Having a nice lunch at the Cuba Compagnie

A nice restaurant which was also visited by the local Harley Davidson club

A few hours for a short city walk starting at the Place de la Bastille.

of course we can't miss any small swatch stores

Centre Pompidou

...and of course a visit to the Swatch store at the Carrousel du Louvre

At about 6pm, we walked to the Merci store.  It was raining cats and dogs.

The box set contains two New Gent watches and one Gent watch:  1. Tartanotto (SUOZ258S, back of the watch);  2. Cutotto (SUOZ259S);  3. Erarotto (Gent, GZ310S, only available in this box set!).  

For a few collectors, there was a unique surprise:  Each watch was also available as a unique Maxi Swatch.  Only one piece of each exists.  The three Maxi Swatches were sold for 400 EURO each, with all profits going to charity (Merci Charity Funds).

At 6.30pm, the sale started with a busy queue.  Initially, everyone was allowed to buy one special for 240 EURO each.

Photo: Swatch Instagram

After the sale, the Swatch Club members were invited into a side room for a few drinks.  As a next surprise, Paola Navone (the Italian designer of the Treperotto set) was present and she was introduced by Carlo Giordanetti (Swatch Creative Director) who explained a few details about the special.

After the introduction, Paola Navone patiently signed the box set for the happy collectors.  She really took her time for everybody, very kind!

Source: Swatch Instagram

After the autograph session and after the sale activities, we finally had the time for a small photo session with Paola Navone:

True Swatch spirit:  Joie de vivre!

Finally, some time to walk around in the Merci store.  It was quite busy as the store was also opened for selected VIP customers and other sellers were also present.  The Merci store has an interesting concept, you can read all the details here.  It is a commercial enterprise "like any other company" founded by shareholders "unlike any other shareholders".

Please look carefully:  No drinks of course!

It was a great evening, everyone left happy with a big smile on his face. 

The next morning, it was still raining (a little), so we walked to... the next Swatch store at the Champs Élysées. 

And then some more "city walk"...

For Sascha I

For Sascha II (also more than 1000 EUR)

For Sascha III (also more than 1000 EUR)

Last Swatch store:  Place Vendôme

It was a very short city trip to Paris but well worth it.  Thank you to Swatch (Viktoria and Carlo) for the invitation and to Paola Navone for her friendliness and patience!  See you at the next club events (local launch of the club watch) in March?

Swatch has published an official event video:

Andreas Wiethoff, 22-JAN-2018

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