Swatch 24 Stops #rehbergerweg

12-JUN-2016, Weil am Rhein, Germany and Riehen, Switzerland

On 12-JUN, Swatch had invited the Gold & Pioneer members (and other bloggers) to the opening of the last 12 stops of the 24 Stops Rehberger-Weg, the cross-border artwork created by the German artist Tobias Rehberger with the support of Swatch.  It was also the launch day of the new Cuckoolus Swatch special by German artist Tobias Rehberger.

About 45 Club members (from Switzerland, Italy, UK, Germany, ...) met around noon at the Vitra Business Lounge of the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein.  I was really really astonished how many visitors were already there on the Vitra Campus on an early sunday morning.  Over 300,000 visitors each year!

Lots of familiar faces near the entry of the museum, for a few of us, it was time for a second breakfast...

The VitraHaus designed by Herzog & de Meuron in 2010

Many buildings on the Vitra Campus were designed by architects who later won the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Britta from Swatch Club Germany was already waiting for us.  There was a lucky draw for the right to purchase the very very first Cuckoolus artist special later on the day.

Rolf Fehlbaum (Chairman Emeritus and active Member of the Board of Directors of Vitra) made a short welcome speech and quickly explained the story and history of Vitra.

And the lucky first customer for Cuckoolus is:  Kouroche!  Well deserved!

After a few coffees, it was time for a short excursion across the very nice Vitra Campus.

Vitra Slide Tower by Carsten Höller

The Vitra Fire Station (the first full-scale work by Zaha Hadid ever to be realised)

Near the recently opened Vitra Schaudepot (again designed by Herzog & de Meuron), we met the assistant director of the Vitra furniture design collection.  About 400 key pieces of modern furniture design from 1800 to the present are on display (the whole collection consists of more than 7000 pieces).  Now this is a much more complicated collection than a simple Swatch watch collection.  One thing is in common:  Some earlier chairs made of plastic are also already starting to degradate....  Time to study chemistry again ("darkness" and "coolness" are the keywords we were told).

Untitled/Red Blue Chair, 1918/19 by Gerrit T. Rietveld, very modern!

The Eanes Chaise (1968) goes back to an idea by director Billy Wilder

Mendini of course

What a great storage room!

Vitra also collects lamps

After the visit to the collection, it was time for a guided tour of the 24 Stops #rehbergerweg.  The walk starts next to the Vitra Campus and it has a length of exactly 4962 meters (that's the limitation of the Cuckoolus Swatch special by Tobias Rehberger).

We had a very friendly guide who explained each stop in detail.  First stop:  The Bell  (it really works!)

One of several Bird Houses

This object is not part of the Rehberger Weg!

The High Perch

A Shelter

Quite steep!

A Rubbish Bin

A beautiful view of the Rhine Valley

Group picture underneath of the Tree

Binoculars for the nice panorama

A well deserved break at the Weingut SchneiderTime for some wine tasting and a little snack.  Yummy!

The Signpost

Artwork On The Ground 2

Cuckoo Clock

Fortunately, we arrived at the Cuckoo Clock right in time at 5 o'clock at the full hour.  So we were able to see the "cuckoo spectacle".

Wow!  Notice the small speaker at the lower right side.

A few meters afterwards, we arrived at the (closed!) border between Switzerland and Germany in Riehen.  Only Swatch manages to do this!  A large crowd was already waiting for us (not really). 

At 6 o'clock, the time for the unveiling of the new Cuckoolus Swatch art special by Tobias Rehberger finally had arrived.  Together with Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti and Sam Keller (director of the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen), Tobias Rehberger explained the details of the watch and they unwrapped the special point of sale on the border ("Cuckoolus Nest").  Until 22-JUN, the Cuckoolus Swatch art special is available only at Cuckoolus Nest, nowhere else.  The whole launch event was in a true Swatch mood, lots of joy and a very relaxed atmosphere.

Carlo Giordanetti, Tobias Rehberger and Sam Keller

Kurouche is really the first customer who buys Cuckoolus

Of course Tobias Rehberger is the sales clerk

Cuckoo (when opened)

Press interviews with Carlo Giordanetti

A special point of sale for the G&P members (one signed watch per person)

What a surprise!  Eva & Adele (from the future?)

Art Basel opened its doors a few days later on 16-JUN, so Eva & Adele were already in town and they found the time to visit the Cuckoolus launch event.

Henk telling nasty jokes?

At 7pm, the Cuckoolus launch event was over and we walked a few more meters to the Naturbad Riehen.  Time for a Swatch Party!

Rain had been threatening all day long but overall, we (and the organizers of the event!) were quite lucky!

Thanks a lot to Swatch for a great, great day around (and literally on!) the Swiss-German border.  A fantastic event in true Swatch style with everything a collector needs:  watches, art, a little activity, a party, ... Really a day to remember!

Here is another newspaper report about the event on the Swiss German border. 

Andreas Wiethoff, 21-JUN-2016.

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