Swatch Club Xmas Event Rotterdam 2016

01 to 04-DEC-2016, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The traditional Swatch The Club Xmas Event 2016 took place in early December 2016.  About 110 club members from all around the world (including the last survivor of the Titanic!) participated at the event.  The event itself started on Friday afternoon but quite a few event participants met already on thursday evening for a dinner in the city of Rotterdam.  After a visit to Squiggly in the afternoon, I walked from the nhow Rotterdam **** event hotel to the restaurant.

AIDA cruise ship in front of the nhow hotel (designed by renowned architect Rem Koolhaas)

xmas time also in the local public garden

Ellen and Hetto had chosen a very nice restaurant for the evening dinner:  Mangiare (great Italian food).  Thanks a lot for the perfect and smooth organization. Lots of happy faces (about 35) on a loooong table.

on the right:  Jeroen, the (in)famous Dr. Swatch from Squiggly

on the left:  Ton Cleijne (former head of Swatch Club at the beginning of the 00s, eg. during the Paris 2000 club event)

On Friday morning, it was time for more pre-event activities.  But first, it was time to enjoy the breathtaking view from the hotel room on the 14th floor....

It was a cold but sunny December day, so I took the opportunity for a short walk into the nearby city.  The Erasmus Bridge directly near the hotel opened the southernmost span of the bridge directly in front of me.  This bascule bridge is the largest and heaviest in Western Europe and has the largest panel of its type in the world.  Very interesting and a rare sight!

A ship crane passing by

Swatch ads everywhere!
A very quiet Swatch store in the center of the city (ok, it was still early in the morning).  It would be totally different two days later....

Some nice street art on the way back to the hotel.

The nhow hotel has become a landmark of the town of Rotterdam, amazing!

Back at the hotel at around noon.  The hotel had now been decorated in true Xmas Event style....

Hans (thank you!) had organized a lunch at a very nice restaurant (Café Rotterdam) next to the hotel.  More club members from all around the world had arrived in the meantime (about 50) so it already felt like the start of the event....

Cheers, Jeroen!

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