The Schmid & Muller Collection

Auction at Sotheby's

 Geneva, 10-NOV-2015

Marlyse Schmid and Bernard Müller are the first designers of early Swatch watches, starting in 1981.  For example, they designed the famous Breakdance special in the style of Keith Haring.  If Elmar Mock and Jacques Müller represent the inventors of Swatch, Marlyse Schmid and Bernhard Müller can be described as the ones who gave Swatch its identity.  On 10-NOV in Geneva (Switzerland), Sotheby’s will sell the Schmid & Müller collection of almost 1,000 Swatch timepieces dating back to the early days of the brand in the 1980s, including 380 prototypes and models that have never been for sale, in a single superlot.  Here is the official press release for the auction.

They have their own little website dedicated to Swatch watches here and here.

Below, you will find a few press photos with some of the highlights from the Schmid & Müller collection.

Marlyse Schmid und Bernard Müller

At their "ferme de la Chatière" at Chézard-Saint-Martin

Original Jelly Fish (1982).

First Swatch catalogue.  I have never seen it anywhere.

Dial design by Bernard Muller, 1983, and prototype dials coloured on anodised aluminium.

The first model of Swatch's Art Collection was created by Kiki Picasso in 1984. The elaborate models with revolving discs were produced in a limited-quantity edition of 120 pieces.

Correspondence for the creation of the 12 Flags model, ref. GS 101 & LS 101, released in 1984.

Gold Swatch (1986).  Only two pieces in massive 18K gold (750).

In 1982, a special study was commissioned for a children's model.

Schmid & Muller collaborated with different pedagogues to create a playful watch that was easy to read.
This model, which had a smaller strap to adapt to the size of children's wrists, was not commercialised at the time -
instead, Swatch introduced the Flik Flak, in 1987, a Swiss-made watch for kids, an example of which is seen here.

Hologram prototype dial, not commercialised, 1985

Design study and two "Velvet Underground" models, released in 1985.

Jean-Bernard Mani, Yannick Durand, and Kouroche Amini took a few photos at the exhibition at the Beau Rivage Hotel in Geneva, three days before the auction on 10-NOV-2015, thanks a lot! 

About 60-80 watches were on display for the public:

Lot 134 was sold for 1.330.000 CHF (Hammer Price with Buyer's Premium)I think that the collection went to a floor bidder (who wants to remain anonymous). Not exactly a bargain but well worth the price in my opinion.

Andreas Wiethoff, 08-OCT-2015 / 08-NOV-2015.

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