Sneakerness / Mystery Vintage Zürich 2010

05-JUN-2010, Güterbahnhof Zürich, Switzerland

On 5-JUN, the Sneakerness exhibition/fair took place at the Güterbahnhof in Zürich.  The Sneakerness exhibition is all about buying / selling / trading / designing sneakers.

Swatch also had a (totally 80s) booth at the exhibition. 

At the booth, ten (slightly) different Mystery Vintage specials were sold. Details of the sale had been announced on Facebook.  Each special contains three older Pop in a pink paper box or three older Scubas in a yellow paper box: 

Five different boxes of Pop Swatches were available with the PZS01, PZS02, ... , PZS05, and five different sets of Scuba Swatches were available with the SDZS01, SDZS02, ... , SDZS05. 

Here are the watches contained in the different sets: 

Of each, only 15 pcs were made, so we have 150 boxes in total (75 yellow / 75 pink).

Now, how about a short tour of the Sneakerness exhibition?  First of all, some impressions from the Swatch booth:

And now:  Sneakers, Sneakers, Sneakers, ...  I guess that collecting Sneakers is even worse than collecting Swatch watches (takes more space :-)

You could also design your own Adidas shoe:

PumaArchive with some remakes from the 80s...

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