Launch of Cite Corsaire swatch, St. Tropez, 19-JUL-2004

Pictures and report by Philippe Danjean

On monday 19-JUL, french members of Swatch the Club were invited for a big party event in Saint Tropez in honor of the release of Cite Corsaire the special swatch produced for Saint Tropez.

Vip and collectors known by the store manager have received a nice Invitation flyer for the event, even the stamp used was done for Saint Tropez 1 year ago (a painting of Paul Signac french painter).

A special display store window has be done for the event with few pictures used to produce the Swatch:

The photographs and managers : Ruben Corunfeld and Nathalie (his wife) works on the project for 10 years, and this monday was the birth of the Swatch Cite Corsaire.

The swatch in package is limited to 3000 pieces only sold in Saint Tropez , not numbered.  The sales go fast as Palaces or other corporations bought bulk quantities to offer to theirs VIP or customers.

During the event in the store, Ruben signed the package to the guests in the store:

A special stamp Saint Tropez was used.  Only the package was possibly signed, not the swatch.

The poem inside the package has been written by Marecllo Tamayo (poet and singer).

Flowers (oeillets famous in the south of France) were given away, white for women and red for men, nice to have to see flowers on people....

Afterwards, a very nice party was held in the famous Saint Tropez Night club Vip Room.  The manager Jean-Roch was here, he's the singer of the song "Can you feel it".  The dj this night was Cut Killer.  Champagnes (unlimited edition :-) was available, and buffet has been organised in this very nice place with purple lights recently refurbished by Ora Ito, a famous parisien designer who has done eg. the famous ALU Heineken bottle.

Outside the club, another part of a swatch artist was here .... A huge Jean-Michel Folon sculpture called "l'Homme au ballon" was installed for summer by the night club gallery partner Enrico Navarra:

Collectors coming for the event Isabelle, Frédéric, Martine, Ruben, Stéphanie and ..... Philippe in front of the store:

People who have a drink with Swatch were allowed later to go the Party EGO (a belgian fashion magazine) on 19-JUL in Vip Room, a small flyer with a condom was distributed.

Additional picture:

The swatch and package, the flyer and the bag Fric Frac of the store in Saint Tropez, and the flyer EGO VIP ROOM:

Congratulations to both Swatch France and swatch Saint Tropez for this incredible evening in the south, it really worth the trip from Paris for the evening.

Thanks to Philippe Danjean for the report and pictures.

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