Gold & Pioneer Event Strasbourg/Basel 2013

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After a long and exhausting day in Basel, we stopped at the Confrérerie Saint-Etienne at the old castle in Kientzheim in Alsace for a wine tasting and dinner.  The castle also contains the Musée Régional du Vignoble et des Vins d'Alsace.

We had several rounds of different white wines (that's what the Alsace region is known for).  After each round:  more smiling faces, (even) happier mood, more laughter etc. :-)

A quick visit to the Museum was also included.

A typical member of the confrérerie

After tasting three different wines, a nice dinner followed. 

Tuesday morning was the final day of the event.  It started late at 10.30am.  Collectors had the choice between a boat tour and climbing up the cathedral of Strasbourg.  It ended up 130:10 for the boat trip :-)

But the boat trip is well worth it, as you get to see the small canals of Petite France as well as the canal locks and the European institutions at the other end of the town.

Restaurant Au Pont Saint Martin

Very special restaurant next to it!

Kayaking in front of the Barrage Vauban

Shortly after passing the boat above, we 'woke up' rapidly as our boat scratched the rocky shore.  Ouch!

Arte TV

European Parliament

If you want to see the goodies that we received during the event:  Here we go:

Well, that was it!  Three unforgettable, exciting days in Strasbourg and Basel.  Thanks a lot to everyone from Swatch The Club, ixxalp, team projekt, and everybody else who made this fantastic event possible!  It really was a remarkable celebration of the 30th anniversary of Swatch.  Here's to the next 30 years!

Andreas Wiethoff, 05-MAY-2013.

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