Swatch HQ Inauguration

05-OCT-2019, Biel, Switzerland

 Christine Tanner joined the Swatch HQ Inauguration festivities and she sent me the following report and photos:

On 05-OCT-2019, the recently finished Swatch Headquarters building by the architect Shigeru Ban from Japan was open to members of Swatch The Club and the general public from 2pm to 5pm.

At 2pm, a huge crowd was waiting for the entrance and badges with the entering time were handed out.  Swatch Club had a booth outside of the building with lucky draws to win a Swatch Club membership (Vicky and Ade). At 2.30pm we had the chance to enter the building and joined a tour on the first floor. We met Carlo Giordanetti, Alain Villard, Kathy Abrecht and Thomas Schweizer in charge to show the building to the guests. We were told that Nick Hayek was also at the place for one hour.  After the tour, food and beverages were offered at the back side of the building.  We enjoyed a Raclette, potato salad with ham, Pasta, coffee and ice cream.  At the Swatch Drive Thru store, a special SwatchXYou with a canvas only for this day was sold.  Free loops ("I was there") and free pins were handed out as well.  The Swatch Museum and the Omega Museum offered free entrance to public.  Overall, 3000 5000 people wanted to see this special place, the new home of Swatch.

Christine Tanner, 07-OCT-2019

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