Club'Art The Graphics Collection Event

The Nicolas G Hayek Center, Tokyo, 4-OCT-2008

On 4-OCT-2008, a Swatch The Club event called Club'Art The Graphics Collection took place at The Nicolas G Hayek Center in Tokyo Ginza, Japan.

Yuji Tada from Japan sent me a small report and many nice pictures from the event, Yoshimi helped with the translation.

Tatoo artist Horiren who has designed one of the three watches from the new Club'Art The Graphics Collection was present at the event.  The event was demonstration and interview between 3pm and 4pm and autograph session was from 4pm to 5pm.  Most of fans were tattoo art fans but they had to become a club member for that day to purchase the watch.

sneak peek at the other two watches!

shortly before the event

Horiren starting to draw on a ladder

...almost finished

signing the picture

picture is completed, he is explaining his artwork

2nd person from the right is the model painted on the picture

Here are pictures of the signed watches and box:

Thanks to Yuji Tada for the pictures and the report and to Yoshimi for the translation!

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