Swatch Club Canada Holiday Party 2015

12 and 13-DEC-2015, Toronto, Canada

Gold member Elvin Rawlins sent me a few photos and a report from the first ever Swatch Club Canada Holiday Party.  Thanks a lot!

"Swatch Club Canada celebrated it's first ever Holiday Party with a two day celebration in Toronto, December 12 & 13th. With a specially designed logo, "This is my Holiday Party", a Canada-Switzerland themed
event was enjoyed by some 35 Swatch Club members from Montreal and Toronto.

Day 1 featured a curling competition, lots of wonderful Swiss food, Swiss music, a great gift bag, prizes, and funny faces at the photo booth. Day 2 featured a cake decorating competition, a buffet breakfast, and lots of yummy cupcakes and other sweet treats.

The event was lots of fun and truly first class. The Swatch Club holiday spirit was definitely alive in Toronto."

Andreas Wiethoff, 17-DEC-2015.

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