The Vendôme Swatches Picture Gallery

The following swatches are available since December 2000 (thanks to Alain Choisy for the pictures):

Gent Creme Brulée GK 352 SP/LP

Gent Tu m'as vue GM155P

Irony Heliosphere YGS9004

Gent 1000 feux GW127P

Lady Bouchée Double LF109P, note the long strap

Photos available at Jacky's website:

Skin Paved in Brown SFK125AP same as Skin Silver in Paved but in brown color
Irony Chrono Nuit D' Ivresse YCG400P

The following swatches are available since July 2000:

Skin Plume Savante (SFK114P)

Skin Par Dessous Tout (SFK115P)

In DEC-2001, the following swatches featuring Svarowsky "diamonds" were released:

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Andreas Wiethoff