Vernissage of Cow Exhibition at Place Vend˘me, Paris, 16-JUN-2004

Pictures and report by Philippe Danjean

From 17-JUN to 3-SEP, a cow exhibition takes place at Place Vend˘me in Paris:

Several hundred guests were present for the "vernissage" including VIP and press starting at 7pm at Place Vendome.  Press and VIP were allowed to share a cocktail with red wine and cheese among ice creams from Ben& Jerry close to hotel RITZ.

The Swatch store as a partner with ComitÚ Vendome hold a cocktail with milk, swiss chocolates and others products with cheese in the store.  Among collectors you chave the opportunity to break large swiss Chocolate parts with an hammer.

The swatch Vend˘me store released an exhibition special swatch Lulumuuh (LK227P) in a strictly limited edition of 58 pieces with a nice cow strap and the Spiga cufflink part

Later, people attending the VIP cocktail were able to get a special photographic print done only for the VIP cocktail...

...with a cow picture taken from the book Vaches (cows) of photographer Thierry des Ouches.  In the evening, the photograph came among the VIPS to sign very few pictures and also his new book.

The exhbition is worth a visit and runs until 3-SEP.

Thanks to Philippe Danjean for the report and pictures.

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