Swatch Holiday Event Budapest 2019

28-NOV to 01-DEC-2019, Budapest, Hungary

The traditional Swatch The Club Holiday Event 2019 took place in Budapest, Hungary from 28-NOV to 01-DEC.  108 Swatch Club members from 14 different countries participated at the event, including 12 (out of 15) new Gold members who were invited to the event.  So we met on Thursday afternoon at the ***** Budapest Marriott Hotel, situated nicely along the banks of the Danube River.  A lot of concrete from the outside but the hotel itself was freshly renovated and we all had an unbeatable view from our rooms as you will see later.  Swatch Club had completely taken over the hotel and it was re-branded for Swatch Club.

The welcome desk started at 3pm and it was great to see a lot of "old" and quite a few "fresh" faces.  As usual, it felt like a family reunion with lots of hugs, gift (Swatch) swapping etc.

The fantastic view from our room.  Impressive at every time of the day.

Before the evening dinner, we had 2 hours of spare time for a quick visit to the nearby Christmas market.  Lots of Neon/LED lights!

Only walking allowed?!?

At 7pm, it was time for the Welcome Dinner at the impressive Grand Budapest Ballroom.

A huge, world famous Rubik's Cube was presented on stage.  Apart from the fact that some of us knew already that Ern÷ Rubik (the inventor of Rubik's Cube) was born in Budapest, we should later find out why this huge cube was there...

During the dinner, Viktoria Bays (Head of Swatch Club International) and the Head of Swatch Marketing Stefan Peter gave a nice welcome speech.

Still an impressive view!

Having fun in the cold!

After the dinner, Swatch presented three Rubik's Cube "professionals" who are able to solve the cube in less than 10 seconds and less than one minute blindfolded.  Impressive and totally astonishing.

You can catch a glimpse of "The Art Of Solving Rubik's Cube" in the video below.  The photos do not do justice.  The Lego Rubik's Cube Solver Robot is also totally impressive!

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