Gold & Pioneer Event Time Lapse Geneva 2012

Geneva, Switzerland, 31-MAY to 03-JUN-2012

From 31-MAY to 03-JUN-2012, the traditional Swatch The Club Gold & Pioneer event took place in Geneva, Switzerland.  About 126 Gold & Pioneer members from all around the world met on thursday afternoon at the very nice ***** Hotel Intercontinental in the diplomatic area of Geneva.  The view from our room showed a very nice pool that we used a few times during our stay (it was quite hot on some days). 

The TV screens in the hotel lobby already showed the location of the welcome drink...

Some of us hadn't met for quite some time, other we had seen in Shanghai / Hong Kong a few months back.  Lots of stories to tell...

A 6pm, we took the buses for the Gold & Pioneer Gala Dinner at CERN, including the G&P 2012 special watch presentation.  We went to the Globe of Science and Innovation, which is used as a visitor center nowadays since 2004.  It was originally build for the Swiss Expo '02 where it was called the "Palais de L'Equilibre", dedicated to the theme of sustainable development.

Reto Stöckli, COO of Swatch, showed up and welcomed almost all club members individually.

Inside the exhibition room, we got a short presentation by one of the scientists.  Very impressive "show" but probably not with too much scientific content :-) 

Afterwards, we walked up one floor to the room of the gala dinner.  The wooden construction of the giant ball (27 meters height, 40 meters diameter) is truly impressive!

Aha!  Be prepared!

During the dinner, in between the courses, Reto Stöckli introduced the new gold members from the US, the Netherlands, Switzerland, ...  Not all of the new gold members could attend the event, unfortunately.

Four new gold members!

We also were able to catch a glimpse of the ATLAS experiment, including some live data of the preparations for the next collisions.

The picture of the control room above was not live, it showed a static photo :-)  But the data in the bottom left was really live!

And then, Reto Stöckli presented the fabulous new Gold & Pioneer Special 2012.

It is a completely golden New Gent Lacquered called Time Lapse ( SUOZ149S), limited and numbered xxx/200 on the back of the watch (note the golden coil inside and the golden battery cover!!).  The words "Gold and Pioneer" are written on the dial.  The watch is packaged in a very nice paper box. 

Lots of applause, as this watch is truly great. 

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