Lugano International / Gold & Pioneer Event, 31-MAY to 4-JUN-2006

part 4:  Splashtival!

Finally, the time for the Splashtival event had arrived.  As usual with swatch :-) we had a VIP wristband so we had access to the "front of stage" area without queueing all day.  As you can see from my pictures below, we were really in the first row!

Nicholas G. Hayek and presenter Michelle Hunziker

preparing for the Blue Man Group  (not because of the weather, see below!)

The Blue Man Group "concert" lasted for about 45 minutes.  After a short break, it was time for the live creation of the Swatch art special during their performance on stage.

As you can see, the result was very nice but it could have been better, probably because of the very strong wind during the performance.  Let's see how the watch turns out when it will be released in a limited edition of 3333 pieces in october.  At the press conference, Blue Man Group founder Matt Goldman said that the special was "80% ready", so the rest will be inspired by the piece of art above, created live during the performance.

For your amusement, here is a video with some performance snippets of the Blue Man Group, taped by Russ (Audio gets better after about 35 seconds):

end of concert!

everybody exhausted but happy!

a lot of mess to clean up!

After the Blue Man Group performance, at around 10pm, a grand display of fireworks was blown up above the Lago Di Lugano, it lasted about half an hour and it was one of the most impressive fireworks that I have seen!

It also included a great lasershow.  Very impressive!

picture: (c) Swatch

Well, that was not all!  Around midnight, the DJ team "Round Table Knights" played some entertaining music on the Piazza Della Riforma until the early morning.  Lots of  confetti, too...

The whole evening was absolutely perfect, and we all had a blast!

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