Swatch The Club Dada Event Zürich


On the weekend of 5/6-MAR-2004, the long awaited Dada event of Swatch The Club took place in Zürich, Switzerland.  About 170(!) collectors participated at the event, so it was one of the largest swatch events that I attended (Grenchen 2000 was larger but otherwise, I don't know...).  Friday afternoon, it was time to meet at the Hotel Zürichberg, very beautiful located on a small mountain in Zürich....

...with a nice view of the city and the Zürichsee (lake Zuerich).  But not on this weekend unfortunately, it was rainy and foggy during the whole event:

With so many collectors participating, there were long queues for the inscriptions:

So it was time for having a drink, talk to friends, share stories about the latest swatch aquisitions, ...

Roberto should look a bit happier :-)

At 7pm, it was dinner time, the food and wine were excellent, as usual...

After the dinner, it was time to take the bus to the Neue Züricher Zeitung where the launch of the Dadazüri special took place.

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