Pictures from Athens 2004 Olympic Ionic Center

Pictures and text by Swatch and Pierangelo Taiocchi

Swatch Ionic Centre brings Art & Culture to the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games

Gearing up for the summer's biggest sporting event, Swatch has set up shop in the narrow streets of the Plaka district in the heart of historic Athens. Friends, sports fans, curious tourists and seekers of that special Swatch will be welcomed at the Swatch Ionic Centre, right below the Acropolis, along with VIP's and special guests come from around the world to celebrate the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games.  In a typically cheeky and ironic move, Swatch has chosen to import Art & Culture to Athens for the summer. A special open-air art exhibit in the streets outside the Swatch Ionic Centre will feature a selection of Swatch Kaleidoscope artworks created by Olympic athletes, international VIP's, collectors and friends of Swatch. First shown to the public two years ago at the Swatch Kaleidoscope kick-off party, many of the works have been on a world tour ever since, and have now returned to Athens. The street-art show leads to the main entrance of the classic and yet contemporary venue hosting the Swatch Ionic Centre. Drawn in from the streets to a cool interior, visitors are invited to follow a colorful, meandering path to an exhibition of Swatch-inspired art, music, sports and fashion. From this artful subterranean show the path leads to a graceful, sheltered courtyard offering a quiet moment in the timeless heart of modern Greece.

DJ's spinning talk and sounds will set the mood on Kiss FM Radio, Athens' leading music station, broadcasting live from the Centre every evening between 7pm and midnight in Greek and English. DJs and animators will involve the crowds in fun games and competitions and when the sun sets on a day it's time to climb up softly into the night. On the floors above the entrance hall, space has been set aside for friends and fans and special guests of Swatch throughout the Olympic Games. On a cool and spacious terrace under the black and starry sky, it's time to relax with a drink and friends and stories gathered from the streets. A stone's throw from the Acropolis, it's Athens now and Athens always. A place and time to celebrate with Swatch.

Swatch Ionic Centre
11, Lysiou Street
10556 Plaka

August 3rd to August 29th, 2004
From 10.00 am to 1.00 am

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Swatch store in the Ionic Center

Note the Acropolis in the back ground

Lysiou Street from above (note the Kaleidoscope exhibition)

Phil Collins visits the Ionic Center

Pierangelo Taiocchi sent me a few very nice additional pictures from the Ionic Center, they give you an excellent impression of the exhibition!

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