"Nobody's Perfect" collection by Gaetano Pesce in Paris, MAY-2005

Pictures and report by Philippe Danjean

The special Swatch chairs (see "Nobody's Perfect" Event) designed by Gaetano Pesce are on exhibition and for sale at the Swatch Megastore and other locations in Paris for about one month.  Opening of the exhibition at the Swatch Megastore was on 25-MAY.

Here is a report with many pictures by Philippe Danjean:

3 Events in one time...

...to promote the Nobody's Perfect line designed by Gaetano Pesce in Paris.  The three exhibitions will run for about one month.

1. Vendôme

The vendome store will have 3 chairs realised with models of the Vendôme collection. Available to customers, these chairs are sold for around 1600 EUR each.
Last but not least, around 10 chairs can be done by Gaetano Pesce with your own choice of a model of the Vendome collection.  Here are some pictures from the Vendôme store:

2. Megastore Champs Elysees Swatch The Club Event

French members were invited for an early breakfast (08h30) on 25-MAY.  Here is the invitation sent to club members:

Around 15 chairs are displayed to members and are available to customers.  Around croissants, coffee and orange juice, collectors who attempted the event have received a part of the making of a chair done by Gaeatno Pesce in a nice small bag:

Here are pictures of the chairs at the megastore:

3. Galerie Vintage, Paris

Later on this wednesday evening, a vernissage took place at the Galerie Vintage in St Germain des Prés. The gallery has the excusive right for the sale of the Nobody's Perfect chairs in France. Art lovers and swatch friends were welcomed around champagne to see the chairs and also work of Gaetano Pesce.

More details, pictures, and orders can be directly arranged with the gallery and the charming manager Fiona Salanic or via phone (see website).

Here are pictures from the Galerie Vintage:

Thanks to Swatch france for all these events, and have a walk to Galerie Vintage if you are in Paris.  St Germain des près place is awesome under the sun in Paris :-)

Thanks to Philippe Danjean for the report and pictures.

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